Deep learning object detection and tracking solution production

  • Provide a service that creates and supplies customized deep learning object detection and tracking solutions that reflect the needs of the clients (type of target object, detection accuracy, detection complexity, target environment, etc.)
  • Our clients can provide differentiated artificial intelligence user services by applying the AIPro's state-of-the-art deep learning solutions to their products.
  • Our clients can use our solutions to launch their own commercial products that operate in desktop/server/mobile/embedded device environments.
DeepLearning solution system architecture

Intelligent video analysis server

  • We also provide our client companies with an intelligent video analysis server (IVAS) equipped with our solutions and the clients' additional requirements.
  • Based on our cutting-edge object tracking technology, IVAS is developed to count people or vehicles with relatively high accuracy. This functionality has various practical applications, such as counting customers of a store, counting visitors of a building, counting cars or bicycles traversing a street corner.
  • Our IVAS simultaneously supports 8-channel video, and the results can be extracted in real-time or any time period requested by the users.
  • The simplified pre-processing for video inputs supports cropping video frame, and selects region-of-interest to keep up with demand and achieve faster speed. The users of IVAS may find this upgrade useful for a variety of purposes, such as counting customers shopping in a store corner, buying products on specific shelves, and thus, analyzing customers’ shopping habits.
  • AIPro provides a statistical viewer program to help our cilents analyze the collected data in various functionalities.

AIPlayer : Multi-Platform Object Tracking Application

  • Our AIPlayer supports on-device AI technology that detects and tracks target objects in real time using only the smartphone's own hardware using a highly trained deep learning solution that has been developed in-house.
  • The current version of AIPlayer supports a basic mode that detects 80 frequently used objects (persons, cars, motorcycles, etc.) encountered in daily life, and a specialized mode that recognizes human body parts (person, head, face, etc.).
  • Using AIPlayer's core functions, it is possible to provide services such as target object detection, driving assistance system development, counting pedestrians on the street, counting the number of visitors, monitoring vehicle flow on the road, and monitoring the movement of objects of interest.
AIPlayer app

Mobile application development

  • We are a group of experts in mobile application development composed of graduates from large companies and master/doctoral level personnel. We create highly reliable AI applications with intuitive UX design based on our excellent programming expertise and AI technology understanding. It is also possible to apply only our AI object recognition solution to the currently running application.

WATCAM - Self-produced application

watcam architecture
  • AI Plant Recognition: A photo taken with a smartphone is input to a deep learning model to create a list of plants with a high accuracy and provide it to the user. We offer strong security and minimal network usage by applying on-device AI technology that does not send user data to the third-party.
  • Plant Encyclopedia: Provides detailed information encyclopedia of plants detected through the AI plant recognition function. Filter and search functions allow you to search for information of the desired plant
  • Community: Share and communicate with other users through the bulletin board the detected plant-related questions, information, and photos.
  • Gallery: List of plants detected by the user in recent, album, or favorite format
  • Profile: View your own profile and activity history such as writing, liking, and detection records. Automatic assignment of user level according to activity level
watcam app classification

AI Plant recognition

watcam app dictionary

Plant Encyclopedia

watcam app community


watcam app gallery


watcam app profile