AIPro, Inc. is a venture company in the field of artificial intelligence/deep learning established by an tenured professor in the Department of Computer Education at Sungkyunkwan University. AIPro aims to support AI-related solutions for small and medium-sized companies. CEO Prof. Chun-Su Park, who has studied deep learning-based object classification, detection, and tracking for many years, possesses world-class technologies in related fields. Based on these technologies, AIPro has built a system that accurately detects target objects in real time even in limited resource environments such as smartphones. AIPro creates and supplies customized artificial intelligence object detection solution that reflects the needs of its clients (target object, accuracy, complexity, operation environment, etc.), enabling them to launch world-class deep learning commercial products.

Object Detection & Tracking

AIPro's Object Detection solution is what the other companies need. In addition, AIPro's Object Tracking solution can track objects in resource-limited devices in real time, even if the objects move rapidly.


It is a technology that converts low-resolution low-quality (blurred images) images into high-resolution high-quality images using deep learning CNN technology. AIPro's SRCNN technology supports resolution conversion from a minimum of 4x to a maximum of 64x magnification. In addition, it uses deep learning optimization technology to minimize conversion delay and generate world-class results.


ROI-SR technology is a fusion of Object Detection and Super Resolution technologies,
which works by 1) automatically detecting the target object from the input image or video,
2) and selectively enhancing the resolution of the detected object region.

Face Recognition

Our Face Recognition (FR) identifies personal identity through the face of the person in the video. After detecting the human face region of a person, our FR technology extracts the feature vector and compares it with the extracted feature vectors stored in the database to recognize his or her identity.

PAR(Person Attribute Recognition)

It's a cutting-edge technology that recognizes characteristics of a person, such as gender, age, hair length, clothing, and belongings from the extracted human region in the video.

Deep learning model creation

We create and supply customized deep learning object detection and tracking solutions that reflect the needs of our clients(type of target object, detection accuracy, detection complexity, target environment, etc.). It is possible for the clients to offer differentiated artificial intelligence-based user services by applying our state-of-the-art deep learning solutions to their products.

Intelligent video analysis server

The server is capable of real-time object detection and tracking. However, unlike other models that support only a single channel at a time, Aipro supports 4-to-32-channel inputs in one model. This allows you to lower the cost and maximize the efficiencies.


(Multi-Platform Object Detection & Tracking Application)

objectdetection app detection result

AIPro's self-produced application displays the categories and accuracy of detected objects and supports the ability to select multiple deep learning models.

  • Universal model can detect 80 objects (people, cars, dogs, cats, etc.) encountered in everyday life
  • Standard model can detect 13 major objects (people, cars, buses, taxis, motorcycles, etc.)
  • Specialized model can detect human body parts (face, hand, mouth, etc.)


(Andriod Application)

watcam app classification collapsed before watcam app classification collapsed after
  • AIPro's flower recognition application automatically identifies almost every flower when shooting.
  • A comprehensive plant application that tells the name of the photographed plant and information on the encyclopedia. This application won the excellence award at the 2020 Agricultural Food Public and Big Data Utilization Startup Contest.